Finally, a risk adjustment and quality of care solution built specifically for you

Vatica Health offers the only risk adjustment solution that is designed to help providers, health plans, and patients achieve better outcomes, together. By increasing patient engagement and wellness, improving coding accuracy and compliance, and identifying and closing gaps in care, we ensure that everyone benefits.

Imagine a solution that improves quality
of care, boosts efficiency, and increases
profitability — at no cost to you

All of this is possible, but only as a Vatica Health provider. Here are some of the top
benefits that all our providers receive:

Health plan-sponsored
in-office risk assessments drive additional revenue

Dedicated clinical support services to reduce administrative burdens and improve quality of care

Increase the utilization of preventive health encounters such as Annual Wellness Visits

A solution that improves overall performance in value-based care

Technology alone is not enough; unlock the full value of your encounters with Vatica Clinical Consultants

Vatica Health deploys on-site Clinical Consultants (VCCs) that serve as extensions of your team at no cost to your practice. VCCs have extensive clinical backgrounds as RNs, LPNs, or PAs. They will take on critical work, such as:

Training your team on coding and documentation

Streamlining your documentation and coding process

Performing roster reconciliation, data transfers, and encounter set-up

Creating flexible workflows to meet unique practice needs

When our providers talk, we listen, so that we can create the best experience for them

administrative work

VCC expertise and
performance check-ins

Patient records are safe,
secure, and complete

Physician-centric technology

Reduced administrative work

Pre-visit prep ensures the quickest and most
efficient encounter

VCC expertise and performance check-ins

Expert clinical support staff helps develop and
implement provider performance strategies, resulting
in a very high client-reported satisfaction rate

Patient records are safe, secure,
and complete

We are a compliance-first company: we adhere
to practice IT policies, are HIPAA-compliant, and HITRUST® certified

Physician-centric technology

Our providers like our solution because it’s built
specifically for them: Vatica Health earned a world-class Net Promoter Score® from our provider network.

Curious to know if we could drive results for you?