A solution for health plans that providers will adopt, and everyone will benefit from

Vatica Health offers the only risk adjustment solution that is designed to help providers, health plans, and patients achieve better outcomes, together. By increasing patient engagement and wellness, improving coding accuracy and compliance, and identifying and closing gaps in care, we ensure that everyone benefits.

Successful solutions for risk adjustment
and quality of care require a provider-
centric approach

Health plans need a point of care solution that providers will actually use. That’s why we design provider-centric technology that PCPs are most likely to adopt. Our solution is intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use, and our EMR integration and data mining optimizes provider efficiency. The results speak for themselves: Vatica Health earned a world-class Net Promoter Score® from our provider network.

Three reasons why health plans choose us:

in-office support

Ensure compliance

Build high-performing PCP networks

We offer comprehensive in-office support and technology to optimize the point of care

  • Vatica Clinical Consultants paired with proprietary technology work together to drive compliance and results
  • Our solution provides better continuity of care, and more accurate documentation and coding, than a home assessment

We review every encounter after the Vatica visit to ensure compliance

  • Our team of AAPC™ and CRC™ certified nurses review all coding and documentation for completeness and accuracy
  • We send back incorrect codes and educate providers about mistakes to ensure accurate coding the first time around
  • Learn more about Vatica’s comprehensive Security and Compliance Programs.

We build high-performing PCP networks for risk adjustment and quality of care

  • By driving member engagement and preventive visit utilization, and by identifying patient issues and helping to close care gaps, we enable providers to appropriately address issues to meet value-based care goals and increase gainshare
  • We have a proven record of high provider engagement and satisfaction

Out with the old, in with the new; we’re the results-oriented alternative to home visits

Vatica Health
Return on investment
Clinical validation
Care gap closure
Member penetration
EMR integration

Our results speak for themselves:

Industry-leading ROI for health plans

25% higher risk adjustment yield due to more accurate and complete coding and documentation

2x greater member penetration than home assessments

Reduced risk associated with RADV audit

In a recent KLAS® eTech Spotlight Report of innovative and disruptive solutions, Vatica earned high marks from the health plans we work with. See what our partners had to say.

See what our partners had to say

Ready to try a better solution?

If you are having trouble reaching your risk adjustment and quality goals, Vatica Health can help. Our solution can be quickly implemented, and our clinical team can be rapidly deployed.