Improve financial performance and clinical results

Vatica Health offers a risk adjustment and quality of care solution that helps your practice enhance financial and clinical results. Our unique solution, provided at no charge by your health plan, includes both technology and clinicians dedicated to your practice. The result is more accurate, complete and compliant HCC coding and documentation that leads to improved value-based care (VBC) performance.

Use the calculator on the right to find out how Vatica can improve your revenue over the next four years. Use the green button to adjust the number of Medicare patients.

Improve quality of care
Our easy-to-use solution fits seamlessly into your workflow and enables your PCPs to easily identify, document and close care gaps. With Vatica, your PCPs can increase the use of preventive services and improve patient satisfaction.

Easier for your PCPs
Other risk adjustment and quality of care solutions, such as home assessments, cut PCPs out of the loop or create alert fatigue with unvalidated codes that have no clinical support or quality review. With Vatica, your PCPs will receive vetted HCC and quality data, enabling you to improve both clinical and financial performance.

Dedicated support
Licensed clinical specialists are assigned to your practice and do 90%+ of the work for you. With this dedicated support, PCPs, on average, spend four minutes using Vatica’s solution per patient, which can be done any time after the visit.

Supercharged VBC performance

If your practice is concerned with boosting care, efficiency and profitability, Vatica Health can help. Learn how to take your VBC to the next level.

Earn additional revenue for your practice

Vatica Health’s risk adjustment and quality of care solution offers clinicians dedicated to your practice who help improve patient outcomes and financial performance by enabling the capture of more accurate and complete diagnostic coding and documentation. Best of all, Vatica is sponsored by health plans.

Having this detail helps me to document and code as accurately as possible, which directly factors into capitation rates for these patients. Receiving appropriate capitation makes a big difference to my practice. And the incentive we receive for each completed Annual Wellness Visit has a huge impact on our financials.

Paul Linder, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, and Vatica Health client

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