Improve value-based care with our PCP-centric solution

Transitioning to value-based care (VBC) while maintaining profitability and high levels of care can be very challenging. Vatica Health’s innovative risk adjustment and quality of care solution combines powerful technology and dedicated clinicians to improve your overall clinical and financial performance that drives VBC results.

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Better outcomes
Obtain highly accurate risk scores to ensure appropriate care management resources, especially for patients with chronic and/or complex conditions

Close care gaps
Identify, document, report and close gaps in care

Increase the use of preventive care
Enhance your patients’ overall health and drive VBC

Supercharge your practice

While there are some hurdles to overcome to be successful in VBC, the benefits of improved financial performance and better patient outcomes far outweigh the effort. As you’ll see, there are ways to achieve your VBC goals while minimizing the burden placed on your PCPs and staff.

Best of all, Vatica is sponsored by health plans.

“Good data and provider participation are keys to VBC success. You need the data so providers can easily identify gaps in care and address those during the visit. We educate our providers about how to code and show acuity. We then use data to monitor performance and spot potential improvements. The Vatica nurses help by prepping the charts; there’s no investigation needed by us. We verify the codes and sign off. Vatica makes our job easier and seamless.”

Janie Reddy, DNP, FNP-BC, San Antonio, TX, and Vatica Health client

Accurate, efficient notification of care gaps

Vatica’s “Pre-Encounter Provider Notification” is prepared by a Vatica nurse prior to the visit. It gives a holistic view of the patient. The document presents a curated list of conditions with clinical validation, open care gaps and unreconciled medications for discussion with the patient. This maximizes the PCP’s time and results in a healthier, more satisfied patient.

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