More complete patient data makes documentation and coding easier for PCPs

Vatica Health’s highly trained clinicians combine patients’ medical records with other relevant data to drive more comprehensive patient visits. This data helps PCPs make informed decisions that result in improved patient outcomes.

Thorough data collection
Vatica’s licensed nurses curate all relevant clinical data from the EMR and health plan to inform comprehensive visits. Only vetted HCC codes and care gaps are presented to the PCP to minimize alert fatigue.

Quality check
Vatica’s quality improvement team (clinicians with advanced coding certifications) reviews all codes and documentation to ensure accuracy.

Data submission
After the visit, Vatica submits CPT-II and G codes to your participating health plans.

Learn why a technology-only solution does not produce the best results for accurate risk adjustment—and causes PCP abrasion in the process.

A closer look at why technology must properly interface with clinical expertise to drive the maximum benefit for PCPs and patients.

Vatica’s hands-on, free support includes:

• Licensed nurses and administrative resources who are dedicated to PCPs’ practices and act as an extension of your team
• Pre- and post-visit chart preparation, training and ongoing clinical support; we’ll do 90%+ of the work
• Reduced burden on PCPs and their staff
All of this with zero cost to your practice

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