Relieve administrative burdens

Providers are more burdened with administrative tasks and EMR documentation. Vatica Health helps free up physicians to focus on patient care, after all–they didn’t go to medical school to become expert coders. Vatica’s unique combination of clinicians and intuitive technology help optimize routine encounters, minimize the burden of diagnostic coding and documentation, and improve financial performance.

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Extra help
Vatica clinicians help capture more accurate and complete diagnosis coding and documentation

Powerful, easy-to-use technology identifies the most clinically appropriate codes

Vatica synthesizes EMR and payer data to create a comprehensive view of each patient

6 steps for easing physicians’ burden from coding, documentation and risk adjustment

Read this article from HFM Magazine to learn how you can help make coding and documentation easier for PCPs and prevent burnout.

6 ways to ease physicians’ burden

“Vatica’s solution is comprehensive, ranging from clinical support to provider education. Vatica Health does an excellent job providing helpful information and coaching to my team. The results speak for themselves.”

Wilner Samson, MD, Southington, CT, and Vatica Health client

Hands-on, free support

With Vatica, licensed nurses and administrative resources dedicated to your practice are an extension of your staff. The Vatica team does 90%+ of the work, including pre-visit chart preparation and post-visit coding review to ensure accuracy and completeness. The PCP’s process takes only about a few minutes per member per year and doesn’t need to be done at the time of the visit. Use Vatica to relieve the burden of documentation and coding—all at zero cost to your practice.

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