Healthier patients and greater success
in value-based care

Vatica Health helps PCPs thrive in value-based care (VBC) with a unique, hands-on solution to simplify coding and documentation. One or more of your health plans is providing these services to you at no cost, and many colleagues in your practice use Vatica.

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Vatica produces better results for you and your patients

More closed care gaps and healthier patients
Significant contribution to practice revenue
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More accurate documentation and coding

What you get with Vatica

      • Cutting-edge technology that ensures appropriate coding and documentation
      • A dedicated team of clinical and administrative staff
      • Extra help: Vatica does 90+% of the work, including pre- and post-visit chart preparation
      • More time: your review takes only 3-5 minutes per patient once annually

The importance of risk adjustment

Accurate coding and documentation is especially important for your Medicare Advantage patients with “risk adjusted” reimbursement. Risk adjustment ensures adequate Medicare funding for:
  • Payer-sponsored care management programs
  • Addressing social determinants of health with transportation, healthy food and more
  • Better healthcare benefits
  • Lower health insurance premiums
VBC rewards PCPs who proactively engage their patients and accurately report their health status. You can:
  • Close care gaps and increase use of preventive services
  • See patients’ full burden of illness
  • Avoid excessive submissions and chart reviews

“Vatica helps us address coding and documentation in a very timely fashion, as well as quality metrics. It’s so simple for clinicians to review and sign off on the information. It’s the easiest system to use from our payers.”

– Janie Reddy, DNP, NP, Texas


Discover how Vatica can help you.