2023 recap: the year’s best content

The risk adjustment industry may have experienced more upheaval in 2023 than the prior five years combined. Major regulatory changes announced by CMS shook up the industry. Vatica Health covered the operational and financial impacts of the Final Rate Notice–moving from V24 to V28–as well as the changing regulatory environment created by the Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) Final Rule. Vatica analyzed these significant developments and provided practical insights on how to navigate these choppy waters. We also covered topics to help providers cope with the challenging environment.  

Regulatory activity 

Payer and provider collaboration 

Vatica has helped lead the industry towards greater collaboration between payers and providers to optimize compliant risk adjustment. Hear directly from payers and providers in these webinars:

Resources for providers 

Provider burnout continued to be a key issue in 2023. We provided tips for easing providers’ coding and documentation burdens here. The impact of Social Determinants of Health and five ways providers can address  them are explored in this blog.  

How Vatica can help  

Vatica is the #1 ranked PCP-centric risk adjustment and quality-of-care solution for health plans and health systems. By pairing expert clinical teams with cutting-edge technology, Vatica increases patient engagement and wellness, improves coding accuracy and completeness, identifies and closes gaps in care, and enhances communication and collaboration between providers and health plans. The company’s unique solution helps providers, health plans and patients achieve better outcomes together. With the Vatica team providing the extra resources needed for complete, compliant coding and documentation, physician participation is easier to enlist and sustain. To learn more, visit https://vaticahealth.com/.